Wendy-SolimanWendy Soliman

Wendy Soliman was brought up on the Isle of Wight. During her adolescence, apart from riding horses, her abiding passion was writing stories. Four years ago she unearthed a book she’d written many years ago, which rekindled her interest in writing.

Since then she has had three Regency romances accepted for publication by Robert Hale, and is working on a fourth. She attributes much of her early success to the sound professional advice she has received from Hilary Johnson and her team.

Wendy now lives in Andorra with her husband, Andre.


Titles: Lady Hartley’s Inheritance, Duty’s Destiny, The Social Outcast, The Carstairs Conspiracy, A Bittersweet Proposal (Robert Hale) A Reason To Rebel (Samhain Publishing)

A Reason To Rebel

solimanreasonrebelresizedAfter one daring act, two worlds collide.

Duty has always been Estelle Travis’s byword but every woman has her limits, even a recently widowed one with few prospects. Her father’s coldly calculating plan to force her into another marriage is the final straw and in an act of rebellion she takes up a position as companion to Lady Crawley, only to realize that she’s exchanged one perilous situation for another in the guise of Alexander, Viscount Crawley.

Alex is beguiled by the aura of mystery that surrounds his mother’s beautiful companion and her air of vulnerability brings out his protective instincts in spades. He discovers her well-hidden reckless streak when her sister goes missing and, rather than return to her father’s austere household, Estelle embarks on her own search for her sibling.

Amid a thickening cloud of suspicion and whispers of murder, what choice does a gentleman of honour have other than to offer his assistance? Then there’s the allure of her company, even if it exposes him to dangers that have little to do with her sister’s plight…

A Reason to Rebel. ISBN 978-1-60504-496-5 Available from Amazon as paperback or as download for your Kindle.