Sue-HaaslerSue Haasler

Sue Haasler was born and brought up in Co. Durham and studied English Literature & Linguistics at Liverpool University. After graduating she moved to London and worked for three years as a residential social worker. Since then she has lived as an administrator in a disability charity which recruits volunteer carers for disabled adults. Many of the volunteers are from abroad and this is how she met her husband, who is from the former East Berlin. They have a young daughter.

Two’s Company (Orion) was her first attempt at writing a novel, although, like many successful writers, she has scribbled stories from childhood.

Titles: Two’s Company (Orion) Film Rights sold to Warner Bros, Time After Time, True Colours

True Colours

SHasslerTruecoloursLast Reach Point lighthouse on the beautiful Northlands coast has been home to the Jackson family for years. Now it’s nearly toppling into the sea and Beth Jackson must find a new home for her ageing father, Bill, and her teenage son, Danny. A chance meeting with Gareth Dakers, the smooth local politician, leads to an unusual offer. He suggests Beth and her family move to his North London flat. Beth is reluctant to leave the rural idyll of Last Reach, but with little chance of finding either a job or a new home in Northlands, she knows she has no choice. The move to London is shock for all of the family, not least because the press have decided to follow the story of the Lighthouse Family, as they’re now being called. Confronted with the traffic, the pollution and the crowds, Beth nearly turns straight round to head back, but she can’t she has nowhere to go. As Beth and her family square up the challenges their new life in the city offers, Beth begins to realise that there’s more to Dakers’ generous offer than meets the eye. It appears that city folk should never underestimate their country cousins…