Spencer-ColemanSpencer Coleman

Born in 1952, Leicester, I attended Kingston College obtaining a Diploma in Business Studies.  I have been a professional artist and gallery owner for over thirty years, working with Royal Doulton and Felix Rosenstiel’s of London, where my plate series and fine art print of ‘Bottoms Up’ became international best-sellers.  A keen sportsman, I am also an avid supporter of Portsmouth football club.  Over the years, I have had a passion for fiction as well as painting and have written several magazine articles and been interviewed by BBC radio in connection to my artistic endeavours.  My paintings are collected worldwide.  Married to Karen, also an artist, we currently live in an old parsonage in Lincolnshire.  This is my first published novel.  I am writing the sequel, which will come out in September 2012.


Titles: All The Rage (Cambridge House Publishing) A Call To Witness (Caffeine Nights)

A Call To Witness

colemanacalltowitnesscoverMichael Strange, international art dealer, had everything: now he faces financial ruin after an ill-fated fling with the deeply troubled Lauren O’Neill. But that’s the least of his worries. Still traumatised after escaping a house fire in which his lover was killed, Michael has to endure a daunting future of recovery from his wounds and the consequences of her suspicious death. Lauren’s violent sister, Maggie, is hell-bent on settling old scores…and soon Michael finds himself being stalked; realising that his life and the lives of those dearest to him are in grave danger from her murderous clutches. And it gets worse: Maggie isn’t alone. Her accomplices are equally dangerous and plan to destroy the dynasty that Michael has created. The trap is set. In order to fight the conflict Michael must decide if his CALL TO WITNESS is a deal with the devil…and in doing so he finally uncovers the terrifying fate of what really happened to Lauren. Michael must choose between survival…and sacrifice. But who among them is willing to be the sacrificial lamb?

Quite simply, Hilary taught me the craft of creative writing.  Anyone can come up with a plot for a story.  Anyone can put together a story.  But the real skill is blending all the ingredients together to help bring it all to ‘life’, enabling the reader to be swept along for the ride.  Luckily, I am a fast learner and Hilary made me look and question everything I had written, so that the blend was mixed correctly and it is to her that I owe the greatest thanks.  ~ Spencer Coleman