Self Published Authors

For many authors self-publishing can be a practical and satisfying option.

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We have assisted numerous authors with such projects, helping them to bring their work to the best possible level for publication.

In many cases, these books are by any of the usual standards ‘publishable’, but in these fiercely competitive times and often for commercial reasons the chances of their attracting the interest of a mainstream publisher are slim.

It does sometimes happen that a self-published book is picked up by an agent or a traditional publisher and goes on to do well. Some authors, especially those of non-fiction, can enjoy considerable success through their own efforts. Also, we now have a number of authors who have achieved both excellent sales and a good following by e-publishing their books.

One very good reason for self-publishing is for fundraising purposes. This can work outstandingly well, particularly where there is an identified target readership. I give as one small example a book which I have co-authored with journalist Victoria Kingston and which is selling brilliantly:

Hounds At Home by Victoria Kingston & Hilary Johnson is now on sale to raise funds for retired greyhounds. (See below for more detail) Price £4.50 plus £1.50 p&p plus 50p for each extra book. Available from me. Email:

Among our self-published authors are:-