Sandra-HowardSandra Howard

Sandra Clare Howard (née Paul) was born in 1940 and was one of the leading fashion models of the 1960s. Although occasionally appearing in magazines, Sandra has largely given up her modelling career. She is a trustee of the drug rehabilitation charity Addaction and vice-president of the National Centre for Young People with Epilepsy (NCYPE) She is married to the former Conservative Party leader Michael Howard.

Titles: Glass Houses; Ursula’s Story; A Matter of Loyalty, Tell The Girl, The Consequence of Love (Simon & Schuster)

Tell The Girl

howardtellthegirlcoverresizedMarried four times, Susannah Forbes had a starry career as a top model. Now, with an instinctive eye for colour and design, she finds herself in constant demand as an interior designer. Offered a commission by a recently divorced American to make over his lavish Long Island home, Susannah accepts, bringing as her assistant young divorcee Daisy Mitchell. Taking off from Heathrow, Susannah is transported back to a time when, at the height of her modelling career, she lived in New York. She is walking down Madison Avenue, calling in on ad offices, being hired for exotic, back-breaking shoots. She is posing in Vogue’s studios, being photographed by America’s big names: Penn, Avedon, Stern. She is in California, with Sinatra and friends, mixing with Marilyn Monroe, Bob Hope, Ella Fitzgerald. She relives her Washington weekends, spending time with JFK and Jackie. Weaving together a fascinating past and a present full of emotional turmoil, Sandra Howard draws us into a world she knew so well, of glamour, style and high society, but where, below the surface, extravagence, insecurity and infidelity run rife.

I owe many thanks to a wide circle of people . . . to Vivienne Schuster who originally pressed me to have a go at a book and to Hilary Johnson for her invaluable help and guidance in how to write one