Joyce - OBH coverOperation Blue Halo

( Acorn Press)

Richard Joyce has long been interested in the British Military. What started as a hobby, collecting signed military books, inspired him to fully research and write his own book set in Afghanistan when an anti-terror operation goes wrong.

He has supported military charities for a number of years. He lives in the UK with his wife and children and is already writing further books.

Operation Blue Halo

In the blistering heat of Afghanistan, Johnny Vince battles to survive after a mission to eradicate a new breed of terrorists, L-khaba-a, goes wrong. Fleeing from the scene of a disaster, he becomes separated from his squad, not knowing if any have survived. He has to use all his strength and Special Forces training just to stay alive and evade the fury of terrorists and crazed factions. Emotions, morals and his survival skills are tested as the hunters close in. But it’s only when he makes it to safety that he realises just how badly he has been betrayed. A line has been crossed; good men have fallen and the enemy must be punished.