Your SF/Fantasy reader has made some very valid observations and has suggested various improvements which I intend to implement. He certainly knows what he is talking about and echoed my own doubts about certain aspects of the novel . . . He has shown tremendous insight.
S.T., Lincolnshire

You will see from the published authors page that we have experienced considerable success in this regard, all the more remarkable because it is now so difficult for the unpublished novelist to break into the market or, as an essential first step, attract the interest of an agent.

Because of this success, we receive a great many typescripts from authors – too many for one person to handle. We have therefore established a carefully-selected team of readers.

Also available: professional copy editing service, advice on covering letter to agents/editors, assessment of synopsis as separate item.

Published authors: we regularly assess the work of already published and often well-established authors where they have particular need of advice and also the typescripts of authors to whom we are recommended by editors or agents.

Our team includes specialists in:

  • science fiction/fantasy
  • crime/thrillers
  • Harlequin Mills & Boon
  • historical fiction
  • popular women’s fiction
  • children’s books
  • short stories
  • radio/TV/film scripts
  • poetry

Typescripts are scrutinised on arrival and assigned to an appropriate reader. Any typescript which a reader believes to be of outstanding promise will be returned to me for further evaluation, particularly with regard to its commercial potential. Those considered to be both of publishable quality and commercially viable, and unfortunately these days the two do not necessarily go together, will be shown to one of our agent colleagues. This is not, of course, a guarantee that the author will be taken on by the agency, but it is a short cut in a business where these are few and one which has turned out positively for a number of our clients.

Our readers are mainly professional editors with both wide experience of advising writers and good knowledge of the publishing and book-selling industries. Some are also published authors, but it is their editorial skills which are of prime importance when it comes to giving authors really practical help.Their reports provide a thorough analysis of the text, take account, where relevant, of commercial considerations and, if necessary, offer guidance on matters such as presentation. Any queries which may arise from the comments made in the report are welcome. We are also pleased to look at material which has been revised following a report and can do this at a reduced rate.