Patrick-LennonPatrick Lennon

 Patrick Lennon is the author of Corn Dolls,  Steel Witches and Cut Out, published by  Hodder.

Titles: Corn Dolls,Steel Witches, Cut Out(Hodder)

Cut Out

lennon-cutoutcoverresizedAfghanistan. Every year, an assignment for thousands of British personnel. Some of them bring back more than memories.

TV producer Dan Simmons wants to film it all. He finds a regiment about to be deployed to the Afghan war on a radical anti-heroin operation. He gets himself embedded. He shoots some film. Then he shoots himself.

The Ministry of Defence puts Military Police captain Stef Maguire under pressure to file it all away. But Maguire has heard the TV man’s dying words and they lead her to someone called Tom Fletcher. Ex-cop, ex-PI, now Fletcher is living the perfect life in a house in the country. A very isolated house.

Fletcher doesn’t know why the TV man shot himself. But some very dangerous people think otherwise. And when they begin to threaten Fletcher’s family, it’s time for him to act.

Objective editorial advice is like oxygen for any writer, and Hilary Johnson’s service is very personal and highly expert. Her editors’ readings can help make the quantum leap from a writer’s early draft to a presentable draft. That’s an enormous difference. ~ Patrick lennon