Mary-SheepshanksMary Sheepshanks / Mary Nickson

Born and brought up at Eton where her father was a housemaster, Mary Sheepshanks began writing as a child and had her first poem published in the Sunday Times at the age of seventeen. She married the headmaster of Sunningdale School while still a very young woman and they ran the school together until 1967 when she and her husband moved up to take over the family estate in Yorkshire. Mary Sheepshanks has three children and a host of grandchildren – one of whom refers to her as his ‘wild writing granny

Titles: A Price For Everything, Facing The Music, Picking Up The Pieces, Off Balance , (writing as Mary Nickson) Venetian House; Secrets and Shadows (Century/Arrow)

Non-Fiction: Bird of My Loving (Michael Joseph); Wild Writing Granny – A Memoir (Stone Trough Books); Poetry: Fishing For Spring, Thinning Grapes, Dancing Blues To Skylarks, Kingfisher Days(Fighting Cock Press)

Secrets and Shadows

sscovercroppedresizedDetermined to start a new life, Louisa Forrester has come to Scotland in search of adventure, new relationships and a second chance. She has enrolled on a creative writing course at the renowned Glendrochatt Arts Centre. It is here that she meets Marnie Donovan, a young American woman who has travelled to Scotland in search of the childhood home of her eccentric benefactress, hoping for answers to questions that have haunted her all her life. Isobel Grant, who runs the centre with her husband Giles, is facing the greatest challenge of her life but must put on a brave face for everyone’s sake. Initially Louisa and Marnie dislike each other, especially when both women are drawn to the same man. And Isobel must keep the peace. But enigmatic, Christopher Piper carries his own secrets from the past and in their brief encounter all are forced to confront the truth about themselves and the choices they have made. Told with warmth and insight, “Secrets and Shadows” is a beautifully written story of three women and how they learn to embrace the future, however uncertain…

I am so thrilled you approve of the final version of PRICE. There is no-one whose opinion I value more, and if it hadn’t been for you it would still be mouldering in a drawer! ~ Mary Sheepshanks