Marika-CobboldMarika Cobbold

Marika Cobbold was born in Gothenburg, Sweden, where her father was Editor and Publisher for the daily newspaper of western Sweden. She was educated in Gothenburg but in her teens spent some time in England and France in order to learn the languages.
She lives in London.

Titles: Guppies For Tea (W.H. Smith Fresh Talent/RNA New Writers’ Award), A Rival Creation, The Purveyor of Enchantment (Black Swan), Frozen Music (Orion), Shooting Butterflies, Aphrodite’s Workshop for Reluctant Lovers, Drowning Rose Bloomsbury)

Drowning Rose

cobbold-drowningrosecoverresizedSometimes the hardest person to forgive is yourself…It is winter in London. Eliza Cummings, a ceramics restorer at the V&A Museum, is leaving work when she receives an unexpected phone call. Standing in the haze of the Christmas lights she hears a voice which draws her back twenty-five years – to the night Rose died. But why does Rose’s father want her to visit him? Why now? And why is he killing her with kindness when they both know that he blames her for what happened to his daughter? Grief and guilt cast terrible shadows, but as this beautifully wrought story unfolds and the scene shifts from London to the fairy tale landscape of the Swedish countryside – and back in time to Eliza’s school days – we learn that generosity, humour and friendship can smooth over and restore even the most broken lives, and that some secrets just can’t be kept hidden…