Elizabeth-YoungLiz Young

Liz Young started writing after a variety of jobs, including airline cabin crew and working for the Sultan’s Armed Forces in Oman. She has two daughters and lives in Surrey with a fat cat and a saintly other half.

Titles: Asking For Trouble, Fair Game, A Girl’s Best Friend, Making Mischief (Heinemann).

Asking For Trouble now filmed as The Wedding Date, starring Debra Messing and Dermot Mulroney.

Making Mischief

Liz-Young-MM-Use-this-oneMy God! What if they’d seen you? Wouldn’t you have absolutely died?’ I would, but I wasn’t going to admit it. ‘I wish they had!’ When she stumbles on shenanigans involving Guy and the Topless Piranha, sixteen-year old Abby Morland can’t resist passing on this juicy piece of gossip to her cousin, Fleur. Fifteen years down the line, when Fleur and Guy are a sparkly new item, they even joke about it. However, when the Topless Piranha comes back on the scene, evidently still with a taste for Guy flesh, it’s not quite so funny. Drawn into anti-piranha tactics by the twitchy Fleur, Abby is alarmed to realize that she wouldn’t mind a nibble at Guy herself. Still, there’s plenty to take her mind off him. With a brother’s wedding coming up, a family feud simmering in the background, mother/bridegroom tensions boiling over and a little devil thrown in, Abby’s going to have her hands full mopping up bloodstains. She just hasn’t counted on the little devil acting like some perverse Guy-magnet, or the ripple effects of the one disaster she never imagined. And that’s even before family wedding number two…
From the Publisher

I’d like to thank you for your encouragement in the past; sometimes when I felt like giving up I used to read a lovely crit you once did for me, which reinforced that “I’ll show them” feeling. ~ Elizabeth Young