Linda-TaylorLinda Taylor

Linda Taylor worked for the Civil Service in London, Angola and Sri Lanka before teching in Japan. On her return she read English at Oxford. She lives in Kent with her husband and young son.

Titles: Reading Between The Lines (W.H. Smith Fresh Talent/RNA New Writers’ Award), Going Against The Grain, Beating About The Bush, Rising To The Occasion, Shooting At The Stars,Falling into Place (Heinemann/Arrow)

Falling Into Place

Taylor-FallingIntoPlaceAs a young university student, Ginny was abandoned by her boyfriend just as she gave birth to his daughter. Now nineteen-year-old Marie has gone travelling and Ginny is facing the choices she made. But a blast from the past is about to throw everything into disarray…Ginny’s prodigal sister, Charlotte, has had enough of travelling and has finally returned from abroad. She isn’t ready to settle with anyone, least of all a respectable ex-boyfriend who really wants her back. But an obsessive admirer has followed her home…Meanwhile Ginny and Charlotte’s mother, Jane, is baffled. Her husband has left home. Is he having a late-mid-life crisis or can he really be serious about another woman? Everything seems to be falling apart. But maybe it’s just falling into place…