Lesley-CookmanLesley Cookman

Lesley, who lives alone or with an occasional returning child on the Kent coast, started writing almost as soon as she could read, and filled many Woolworth’s exercise books with pony stories until she was old enough to go out with boys.

Since she’s been grown up, following a varied career as a model, air stewardess and disc jockey, she’s written short fiction and features for a variety of magazines, achieved an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Wales, taught writing for both Kent Adult Education and the WEA and edited the first Sexy Shorts collection of short stories from Accent Press in aid of the Breast Cancer Campaign.

Her pantomimes are published and performed all over the world. Murder in Steeple Martin was her first novel, which Hilary saw in its earliest incarnation very many years ago, and gave her the encouragement to get on with it!


Titles: Writing A Pantomine (How To Books), Sexy Shorts For Christmas (Ed), Murder in Steeple Martin; Murder At The Laurels, Murder in Midwinter, Murder By The Sea, Murder in Bloom, Murder in The Green, Murder To Music, Murder At The Manor, Murder By Magic, (Accent Press)

Murder in Bloom

cookman-murderinbloomcoverresized‘Floundering in the footsteps of a deliberately downplayed police enquiry, Libby manages to stir up more mud than the rotavator’. When television personality Lewis Osbourne-Walker buys Creekmarsh Place, near Steeple Martin in Kent, Libby Sarjeant’s son Adam is employed to help with the renovation of the garden. What he doesn’t expect is to uncover a long buried corpse. Libby, naturally, wants to know more about it, but the police aren’t going to tell her, and with her friend Fran’s mind on other things, she has to go it alone, with interesting and possibly catastrophic results.