Jo-CannonJo Cannon

I was born and grew up in Dagenham, Essex; the child of librarians. I decided to be a doctor at the age of twelve. After qualifying from Southampton MedicalSchool in 1984, I completed G.P.vocational training in St Charles and St Mary’s Hospitals, London.  With VSO, I worked as District Health Officer in Mchinji, Malawi. I have been a GP for twenty years: in Derbyshire and Tasmania, and now as senior partner in aninner city practice in Sheffield. My professional interests are psychiatry and diabetes.

I am married with two teenage sons.

Titles: Insignificant Gestures (Pewter Rose) See below for short stories published

Insignificant Gestures

cannon-insignificantgesturesresizedjpegA refugee finds his face has disappeared from the mirror. Lost on a mountain, a fell runner puts her brain into reverse. A traumatised woman realises she can slip in and out of the minds of passers by. In a city where nothing is as it should be, a lone nurse plays peek-a-boo with an abandoned baby.

Twenty five stories about exile and belonging. This first collection by award winning writer Jo Cannon explores what it means to be an outsider. Sometimes surreal, always perceptive, these stories celebrate the unexpected interactions that alter lives.


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  • Boy of Silver Right Hand Pointing 2010


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