Evelyn-FosterEvelyn Foster

Evelyn Foster has worked as an actor and storyteller specialising in folklore and fairytale.

She has run workshops on myth at the British Museum including spooky sleep-overs next to the Egyptian mummies! She has also done drama with disabled children and voice and confidence coaching with teenagers. She has read to the blind, produced columns for magazines and judged writing competitions in care homes. She has played good Shakesperean heroines, evil enchantresses … and quite a lot of fairy godmothers !

Her stories, some original fairytales and some re-tellings, are mostly about mermaids and giants. They are designed to give children a love of reading and a passion for the past – as well as hope for the future. She has not yet seen either a mermaid or a giant – but she lives in hope!

Titles: The Mermaid of Cafur (Barefoot Books); The Bone Giant, Alan and The Animals, The Elves and The Trendy Shoes (Franklin Watts)

The Elves and The Trendy Shoes

fosterthe_elvescoverA fairytale for the credit crunch ! Times are tough and the elves’ shop is suffering. Whatever can be done ? Might the answer lie with one heroic human ?

A gentle and magical story about keeping ideas fresh… and the importance of helping others.

By the way, if you ever want me to rave about your agency to anyone, or write a rave review anywhere, I would be more than happy to do so (though you probably don’t need  it!) ~ Evelyn