Emily-JoyEmily Joy

Dr. Joy is a GP in the Highlands. She lives with her husband and three children.

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Titles: Green Oranges on Lion Mountain, The Accidental Optimist’s Guide To Life.

The Accidental Optimist’s Guide To Life

joy-optimistcoveryellowandgreenI wanted to change the world . . . but I couldn’t find a babysitter.

Emily Joy is never idle. A GP with a growing family, a thespian husband and a surgery full of patients to look after, she’d be forgiven for settling down at the end of each day, glass of wine in hand, with not much more than tomorrow’s school run on her mind.
But in a touching, often hilarious journey which takes us from a hospital ward in war-torn Sierra Leone to the domestic chaos of a family kitchen, the author sets out to find the Meaning of Life itself, concluding that we can philosophise all we like, but it’s the bare necessities of life that really make us happy.

The Accidental Optimist is a must for anyone who’s ever wondered what life is all about, but has been too busy to find out.

Praise for Green Oranges on Lion Mountain
‘Green Oranges illustrates the tenacity and determination of the people of Sierra Leone.’
Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York

‘I found this book inspirational.’ British Medical Journal

‘Heart stopping stories. I couldn’t stop myself turning the pages.’
Barbara Trapido

‘A fantastic book with humanity and humour. It is both uplifting and an extraordinary tale of the power of the human spirit.’ Phil Hammond

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