Dorys Lemus Valiente

Dorys Lemus Valiente

Unfinished Journey


Political upheaval, kidnappings, and expulsions provided the pattern of social conflict of the 1970s-80s, convulsing the smallest country of Central America, San Salvador, and pushing Dorys and her family across the Atlantic Ocean.

Her book tells the story as she moves from the stability of her protected middle-class childhood to becoming a sympathiser of outspoken critics of the government, demanding civil rights and social justice. Right-wing death squads began to assassinate anyone who was perceived as a threat to established interests, so she came to London in 1971 and since then has travelled back and forward to her country, since then.

Her story is one of strength and survival, a tale of the English and Salvadorian ways of living – from the time she came to London for the first time to facing the decision to stay put for ever. Here is a host of insightful material on San Salvador – its legends, local customs, and manners, handled with firsthand knowledge, widely open eyes, humour, and a good deal of passion, as well as a story of personal tragedy.