Christina-CourtenayChristina Courtenay

Christina first started to write when her oldest daughter was six months old because she wanted to stay at home with her rather than go back to work. The road to publication wasn’t as easy as she thought, however, but by the time she had figured that out, she’d been bitten by the writing bug and didn’t want to stop. She’s been writing ever since.

Christina divides her time between London and Herefordshire. Although born in England, she is half Swedish and was brought up in Sweden. In her teens, the family moved to Japan where she had the opportunity to travel extensively in the Far East.

Titles: Trade Winds, The Scarlet Kimono (Choc Lit)

The Scarlet Kimono

courtenaykimonocoverresizedAbducted by a Samurai warlord in 17th-century Japan what happens when fear turns to love? England, 1611, and young Hannah Marston envies her brother’s adventurous life. But when she stows away on a merchant ship, her powers of endurance are stretched to their limit. Then they reach Japan and all her suffering seems worthwhile until she is abducted by Taro Kumashiro’s warriors. In the far north of the country, warlord Kumashiro is intrigued to learn more about the girl who he has been warned about by a seer. There’s a clash of cultures and wills, but they’re also fighting an instant attraction to each other. With her brother desperate to find her and the jealous Lady Reiko equally desperate to kill her, Hannah faces the greatest adventure of her life. And Kumashiro has to choose between love and honour …

Hilary encouraged me when I was struggling with my writing and her helpful comments on my work made me persevere.  I’m very glad I did now!  ~ Christina Courtenay