Caroline-CarverCaroline Carver / C.J. Carver

Caroline Carver is the British-born daughter of a mother who in 1957 set the land speed record in Australia and a father who was a jet fighter pilot in the Aussie Fleet Air Arm.

Brought up on a dairy farm, at 18 she headed for the bright lights of London and four years later took a holiday in Australia which turned into a ten-year stay, working for the Sydney arm of several major international publishers.
Between jobs, she travelled widely and adventurously: back-packing in South-East Asia on $10 a day for nine months, walking in New Zealand, trekking in Nepal and riding a camel through the Thar Desert are just a few of her travel experiences.

In 1991 she returned to England in order to drive in the 1992 London to Saigon car rally. Sponsored by Harrods, Bridgestone Tyre and Lada Cars, she and her co-driver were the only all-female crew on the 63 day, 12,500 mile journey. On arrival in Saigon all funds raised and the car were donated to Save The Children. (The car, apparently, is still going strong!)

This experience led to writing travel articles and thus Caroline fell into freelance travel writing. In due course she tried her hand at thrillers and in 1999 won the Crime Writers Debut Dagger Award with the opening to the novel which became her first published book.

During the past few years she has successfully combined writing and travelling. In 1998 she completed the London to Cape Town Rally, again with an all-female crew, and in 2001 she participated in the Inca Trail Rally around South America with the same co-driver.

As Caroline says, ‘With genes like mine, I don’t think I stood a chance to do anything else but seek a little excitement in life!’

Titles: Blood Junction ( Winner of Crime Writers Debut Dagger Award ), Dead Heat, Black Tide,Beneath The Snow, as C.J. Carver: Gone Without Trace (Orion) Back With Vengeance, The Honest Assassin (Severn House)

The Honest Assassin

carverthehonestassassinThe assassination was quick, slick, and professional. Ex-soldier Sol Neill was brutally slain by a blonde woman, and Jay McCaulay is the only witness. When Max Blake, Sol’s friend, is arrested for the crime, Jay is determined to prove his innocence.

I remember your faith in my talent… and I am always very grateful for your giving this new writer such a boost.  ~ Caroline Carver