Ann Cliff

Ann Cliff made a gradual progression from writing non – fiction books and articles about country life and local history, to Yorkshire regional sagas.

A small farmer herself, Ann has written about traditional country cures and country crafts, as well as smallholding including the “Backyard Farming” series, formerly writing as Ann Williams. She has always been interested in organic and sustainable farming and gardening.

Moorland Lass, Ann’s first novel, was developed on and off over twenty years, before seeing publication by Robert Hale Ltd. It was inspired by the history of her favourite piece of Yorkshire, the eastern side of Nidderdale, locally called ‘The High Side.’

Ann retains an interest in her family’s farm at Grewelthorpe near Ripon, which her brother and his wife are converting into a nature reserve and learning centre, and she visits Yorkshire often. Her second novel, Bitter Inheritance, set in the same nineteenth-century Yorkshire location, includes some of the stories handed down in her family.

For most of the year Ann lives in Victoria, Australia with her husband Neville, on an upland farm on the edge of the Tanjil State Forest, where they breed Angus cattle. She also works in adult education.

Titles: Moorland Lass; Bitter Inheritance; Yorkshire Rose, Lavender Girl, Summer by The Sea, Shadows On The Moor, Haunted Creek (Hale)

Haunted Creek

The Australian bush in 1875 is a challenge for strong men and for a woman, it is daunting. Rose Teesdale travels from England to join her husband Luke with high hopes for a new life on their Australian farm. She is not prepared for the immense, silent forest and the dangers that lurk under the trees, or for Luke’s indifference. Luke is often away and Rose is left to face sinister Lord Barrington and the mysterious dark people of Haunted Creek, and to fight a secret love for Erik, who saves her life. When Luke is killed Rose decides to stay on, but how can a woman survive with a small child in that wild country?

It wasn’t until Hilary Johnson set me on the right path that I was able to match what I wanted to write with current market requirements. Hilary and her staff have a way of presenting exactly the objective, constructive and yet encouraging criticism that we all need. I’ll continue to use her service as a sounding board for future projects. ~ Ann Cliff