A.W. Stewart

A.W. Stewart


(Author House)

It is an ordinary summer’s day when Mark and Laura Murray set off for a picnic. To their astonishment, as they ride round a familiar corner theyfind their way blocked by a high hedge. Abandoning their bikes, they push through the tangle of spiky twigs and find themselves sanding at the edge of a vast lake.

Although they do not know it, they are in Rookland, kingdom of the Silver Crest, Lord of the Birdmen: creatures with the bodies of men and the heads and talons of giant birds. Two of Silver Crest’s servants are at this mpment rowing across the lake to capture the brother and sister to add them to the team of children already working as slaves in the pine forests of Rookland.

Will Mark and Laura be condemned to live for eve as prisoners of these vicious birdmen, with their terrifying eyes on the backs of their hands, and their malicious pets, the rook-spies? Rooktime tells of the many dangers they and their fellow slaves have to face, dangers that unite them all and reveal reserves of courage they never knew they possessed.